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Your Questions & Our Answers Revealed

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Warranty Section

Warranty Submission Process & What To Expect

The simplest and most convenient way to make a warranty claim after the retailer return period has ended is through our website by filling out our “C3 GUARANTEE FORM”. Submitting this form gives us notice of your concerns with all the details necessary so that we may resolve your concerns quickly.

What happens after you submit a warranty claim

Submitting a warranty claim form will be received by the C3 Care Team and reviewed within 3 business days. In the case where more detail is required to resolve the problem, a C3 Care Member will contact you using the information you provided to better understand the issue. Consider having photos, videos or other documentation of the issues you are experiencing in case our care team asks for it. If you’re unsure whether an item is covered by your warranty, you can refer to our C3 Warranty

Why does your form ask for my address?

We ask this as we may need to send you something or we may request the product to be returned to us. In that instance we will need to arrange pick up. Asking upfront ensures we have all we need to quickly remedy the situation.